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Jeep Safari

Published on December 9, 2021 by Tsampikos Volonakis

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North Pick-up


Our Safari begins at a predetermined location near the village of Theologos. After we introduce ourselves and outline the days program we head out for the safari. We will drive through the mountains, pass small villages, go through a riverbed, enjoy nature and have lots of fun.

You will start by being picked up from the property you have reserved and drive through beautiful nature, fun off-roads and traditional villages to the Seven Springs. Walk the famous tiny tunnel, explore the springs and enjoy your coffee. Make the second scheduled stop in Archipoli for some food tasting. Try a variety of different local products including various honeys, souma, olive oil, local sweets, and fresh seasonal fruits. The third stop will be at a little chappel where empty water bottles can be filled with water from a spring and final a great lunch and a dip in the Aegean Sea. (lunch is optional and not included in the price).

Starting time is at 09:00, duration approx..6.5 hours.



South pick-up


Enjoy the first route of one and a half hours driving with a beautiful aerial view over Lake Gadouras. After passing through the fruit gardens of Massari / Malona you can explore the Seven Springs. Walk the tiny tunnel and have a refreshment. The next stop is in Archipoli for local products tasting like honey, souma, olive oil, sweets, and seasonal fruits. Afterwards,we continue over the top of Mount Profitis Ilias to arrive in the village of Apollona for a traditional Greek Meze style lunch with the view looking out over Mount Attavyros. Lunch is optional and with an extra cost. Continuing on and off-road, drive to Gadouras Dam and have a panoramic view overseeing the lake where you can take lots of photographs. This is the last stop before heading back to the hotels.

Starting time is at 09:30, duration approx..6.5 hours.





Important Information:

On these tours we use Suzuki Jimnys which the customers are allowed to drive themselves. Customers who would like to drive have to have their driving license for at least 2 years and need to be at least 23 years old. Minimum number of guests is approx. 8 persons.

The vehicles we use are 4-seaters. In case you are with less persons than 4 you will share your car with others. The cars will be transferred to the hotels and you will be picked up outside your hotel.

For drivers, don’t forget to bring your driving license and make sure you wear closed shoes.

For all guests, please wear closed shoes and bring sunscreen and swimming gear.