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Rhodes Rentals is a dynamic European consulting company providing management and organization services with main axes its quality and professionalism. It also provides integrated management and development services, in hotel / tourism organizations in the private sector. At Rhodes Rentals, we pride ourselves on being a client-oriented organization. Based in Rhodes, our company offers a range of hospitality management services geared toward individual client goals. By taking the time to learn and understand your needs, we tailor our services and program to ensure your goals are met. Our combined management and marketing experience give us the ability and determination to maximize return on investment for your property. The objective evaluation of the results and the redesign distinguish the really successful companies from those that simply survive and for us and our partners our goal is first class. In Rhodes Rentals our focus is the customer benefit. This rational and integrated management process is the VG company policy, our company of your company.

At Rhodes Rentals, our success is measured by our ability to tailor our services to the individual needs of your hotel or resort. By taking the time to learn and understand your needs, we are able to ensure sure that your expectations are both met and exceeded, and that your property becomes a destination that your guests will want to return to time and again. Our strong client focus has allowed us to successfully manage renovations, conversions, and new hotel and resort developments, while rewarding our clients with strong returns, market expansion and growing real estate value. Our services address a full range of hotel and resort operational and marketing needs, and include centralized reservations, human resources, staff development, accounting, purchasing, information technology, and global sales and advertising that will make your hotel or resort visible to many thousands of consumers. All are brought together seamlessly by an innovative customized business plan, along with a roadmap for the long term success of your asset.

We combine the operating resources and market presence of a much larger company with a high degree of flexibility and personalization, made possible by a team of exceptionally talented and motivated individuals. Our market knowledge and consolidated buying power make us successful in attracting travel agents, tour operators, and leisure and corporate interests from around the globe. In Rhodes Rentals we provide comprehensive hotel unit feature recommendations and modern management techniques. The continuous training of our staff, standardization of operations, innovation and creativity characterize our work. The Company team are active strains who have not only expertise but also extensive experience in the application of the most modern management and organization methods. A proven track record of success, along with combined hospitality management experience allows our team to identify strategies and marketing opportunities that will maximize your occupancies and average daily rates, while creating lasting value for your guests, investors and associates.

Extensive market knowledge combined with our consolidated buying power contribute to our success in attracting travel agents, tour operators and both leisure and corporate business from around the globe. Our comprehensive hospitality management services include:

  • Condominium Resort & Hotel property management
  • Condominium and Association management
  • Owner relation services
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Worldwide reservation services & Yield management
  • Property preservation and preventive maintenance
  • Internet and E-commerce development

Effective management requires a broad cross-section of specialized skills; from accounting, administration and supervision through to marketing and public relations. We maintain trained and dedicated staff who can provide these essential services as needed, often at little to no cost above the management fee. This enables Rhodes Rentals to effectively assume the day to day operations of association management, including association and member meetings, RFP preparation and negotiations with vendors and contractors, along with every day operational aspects such as lawn and pool care, security, life safety, housekeeping and maintenance services for both on-site staff and contractors. Our experienced and dedicated team of Rhodes-based property management professionals can provide the guidance and support needed to address the many issues encountered by condominium owners and community associations, while ensuring on-site staff deliver the best possible level of service at all times. Whether you are an individual owner or an association, our track record of success makes us confident that we can provide you with the professional service you expect and the long term profitability you desire.
Every company today needs to have a clear economic orientation imprinted on annual usage budget, in which is accurately reflected the financial revenue and expenditure targets, the projected operating result and result before tax, analyzed in a productive portion and a monthly progress.

Rhodes Rentals after considering the existing agreements with travel agencies and tour operators, undertakes the realization of new contracts to expand cooperation, increase sales and simultaneously optimizing hotel revenue.

Rhodes Rentals  is able to effectively promote hotel sales, leveraging both the expertise of its staff and the modern tools available. It allows partner hotels to have simultaneous access to almost all IDS online sale systems (selection from 200 channels such as, Expedia, etc.) and in addition to all available GDS sales channels (access to about 650,000 travel agents worldwide)

Rhodes Rentals, offers your hotel project diverse integrated marketing programs that make your development visible to thousands of consumers. Advertising, travel industry marketing, public relations, direct response marketing and the web, may deliver a creative and innovative marketing campaign that is tailored to your property and positions it for a successful future. We have partnered with some of the premier players in advertising, public relations and marketing as well as website design and optimization to ensure that “no stone is left unturned” when marketing your property. Our robust, long-standing relationships give us the ability to generate an unprecedented awareness and marketplace presence for your hotel or resort.

We can evaluate, explore and contrast similar projects in order to develop a sales and marketing strategy that outperforms those of your competitors. Our fully comprehensive evaluation includes hospitality star ratings, facilities, amenities, room types, rate schedules, promotions and advertising strategies.

We understand that communication with the ownership group is paramount to the success of the resort or hotel, and will annually prepare a detailed marketing plan that you can present to your ownership group for each upcoming year.

We will research and perform an area analysis that includes occupancy levels, average daily rates, revenue per room, guest satisfaction and area room inventory for your property’s specific area and use this information to develop a clear vision of the marketplace and its historical and current performance – providing the necessary framework for the future growth and success of your hotel.

Rhodes Rentals has partnered with some of the leading players in ecommerce and website design and optimization to ensure that your property is provided with a profitable and effective online sales and marketing strategy. Our services include website design, social media, mobile websites, search engine optimization (SEO), online advertising and more, all with one critical goal – maximizing your hotel’s ROI* and increasing your market share. All are designed to work seamlessly alongside your offline marketing, ensuring that not a single marketing dollar goes to waste and that a consistent brand message is communicated across all channels.

Rhodes Rentals is recognized as one of the most effective and results oriented ecommerce managers among our partners in the online travel agent ecommerce market. Our very close relationships with vendors such as Expedia, Travelocity, and Orbitz have allowed us to develop many successful and volume producing partnerships for our clients in the ecommerce space.

Rhodes Rentals is able to effectively promote sales of the hotel and increase your revenue, leveraging both the expertise of its staff and the modern tools available.

We undertake reservations and all necessary information that the client needs to enjoy high occupancy. Our modern systems have provided the possibility of online booking both through our site as much through Internet sale channels. The interested customer can book through our site with a credit card without the intervention of the hotel. With Channel Manager we manage your available rooms easily, quickly and fully automated ensuring direct communication with all Internet channels, allowing you to have full control of your rooms and the pricing policy of the hotel.

Direct connection with international systems Amadeus, Galileo, Sabre, and Worldspan. We provide the ability to have simultaneous access to more than 650,000 travel agencies worldwide with automated reservation directly to your Hotel.

We can manage your presence on social networks and promote your unit with booking directly on the hotel site.

We give the correct information to your client not only about the hotel but also for your region, its history, the remarkable points, restaurants, attractions, trails and many more.

We provide tools to communicate with clients after their departure. We regularly update with new offers and services to maintain contact with the customer who already has an experience of staying in your hotel and lead him to visit you again.

Rhodes Rentals provides a complete reservation solution which removes the costs of maintaining your own booking staff, leaving your front desk staff free to provide the best possible service to guests and eliminating the need to hire your own reservation agents. Our solution also frees you from toll free phone charges while giving you more opportunities to enhance your staff’s productivity, along with your reservation sources – thus improving your bottom line. We can provide a complete turnkey reservation service for your property which includes:

  • Complete reservation management
  • Developing and managing rate structures for your existing reservation sources
  • National franchise call center reservations
  • Receiving all wholesaler faxes and calls
  • Receiving all group rooming lists and group booking calls

Where possible, reservation data is entered directly into your property management system by our reservation staff, who are supervised and trained for optimum call conversion and exceptional guest relations. Recognized as one of the most effective and results-oriented ecommerce managers among our online travel agent partners, Rhodes Rentals can also manage your existing ecommerce and web-based reservation sources, as well as offer key recommendations and apply effective yield management controls to maximize your revenues. We can also recommend inclusive packages specific to your property. All reservation staff costs including wages, taxes, benefits and insurance are paid by us, along with toll free phone service costs.

Rhodes Rentals provides strategic, effective yield management by understanding, anticipating and influencing the behavior of your guests, helping you to stay competitive in a crowded and ever changing marketplace. Our inventory-focused yield management processes allow our clients to maximize yield and profits from their hotel or resort’s reservation flow through the strategic control of inventory. This way, we can ensure the right product is sold to the right customer at the right time, at the right price.

We apply three proven methods to maximise yield:

  • Actively balance the supply of perishable room nights against demand by manipulating both price and time of consumption.
  • Effectively manage many distribution channels with varying different underlying cost structures, market penetration and market segmentation.
  • Continually adjust price in response to supply and demand, selecting the portfolio of distribution channels and market segmentation that needs to be used to achieve the greatest success.

The three primary methods that we apply to our yield management practices are:

  • Varying room rates with market demand;
  • Varying participation in internet channels with market demand;
  • Maintaining contracted wholesale rates with our third party worldwide distribution partners, with rates and inventory based upon historical trends of seasonal demand.

Our balanced and proactive approach to seasonal and constantly changing markets gives your hotel or resort the greatest opportunity for success, through strong occupancies and consistently competitive rates that allow you to achieve solid rankings within your local competitive market.

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