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Dermatologist/ Venereologist (EADV)


Dermatologist/ Venereologist (EADV)

Dr. Maria P.

t. Doctor pan. Hospital “A. SYGGROS »
Member of the European Academy
He studied at the University of Ioannina – Department of Medicine

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Service Pricelist
Botox in the upper half of the face with Dysport material180€ (before Taxes) €
Hyaluronic acid Restylane Volyme 1ml- Hyaluronic acid by volume200€ (before Taxes) €
Hyaluronic acid for fine expression wrinkles 1ml Filorga Fine lines150€ (before Taxes) €
Simple face-neck mesotherapy70€ / per meeting (before Taxes) €
Simple face-neck mesotherapy enriched with Botox100€ (before Taxes) €