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Dental Surgeon

Dr. Stavros T.

Graduated in 2000 from Semmelweis University of Budapest, Hungary.

Has been working in his private dental clinic since 2003.

Since then he have attended many seminars worldwide in all fields of dental science including prosthetics, endodontics, Cosmetic dentistry, implantology e.t.c.

In 2009 he attended the Postgraduate Implantology Course and got his Diploma from University of Cologne, Germany and European Association of Dental Implantologist – BDIZ EDI.

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Service Pricelist
Teeth cleaning (Scaling and polish)70 €
Dental filling (Composite resin) 70 €
Dental post80 €
Tooth Extraction60 €
Surgical tooth extraction150 €
Root canal treatment (denervation) (1 or 2 canals)200 €
Root canal treatment (denervation) (3 or more canals)230 €
Teeth whitening250 €
Complete denture (per jaw)700 €
Partial denture (per jaw)1000 €
Composite bonding (per tooth)100 €
Metal porcelain crown300 €
Zirconium crown/veneer350 €
Full porcelain crown/veneer (E-max)400 €
Dental implant and abutment1300 €
During the appointment

In the doctor’s dental practice he deals with all aspects of dentistry except orthodontics and pediatric dentistry.